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I am placing all of my favourite links over on the homepage, this wiki is dedicated purely to smoking with my main focus on bongs.


It is not surprising that majority of herb smokers choose a glass bong for a more enjoying and satisfying smoking experience. Unlike bongs made of other materials (such as metal, wood, ceramic, or plastic) which tend to alter the taste of the smoke due to the chemical reaction caused by heat, a glass bong produces smoke that has a distinct and flavor. This flavor of smoke can only be achieved with pure heated herb, and a glass bong has the ability to heat up the herb and produce smoke without altering its taste.

Some are concerned about glass being easily breakable. However, most glass bongs today are manufactured with just the right thickness. This makes them sturdy for daily casual use and durable for passing around from one smoker to another while maintaining the purity and richness of the smoke it produces.

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