What are Bongs?

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Are you confused about bongs? Well all your answers are right here at bongs.wikidot.com!

About Bongs

The stem of bongs have individual notches built directly into it to hold ice and still have space enough to let the air pass through easily. You fill the stem with ice, forming a cold tunnel through which your smoke passes before it gets to your lungs. This feature makes for a smooth, easy, and cool hit.

Bongs goes by a number of names. It is called moof, bing, billy, or water pipe. It is a filtration device that you use to use tobacco, cannabis, or other herbs.

Bongs are very similar to a hookah, except for it being portable and much smaller.

You can make a bong from any vessel that is both water-tight and air-tight. You simply add an apparatus that acts as bowl and stem so that air can be brought down to below water level from where it bubbles up in the course of its use. Bongs can actually be improved on, consider to buy a bong precooler for the ultimate in bubbling sensations!

Fresh air is contracted into bongs; you harvest the last smoke that remains through a hole or a carburator located on the lower section of the bong (above the level of the water). People refer to this hole as the “kick hole,” “”shotty,” “rush.” “bink,” “choke,” or “carb.” You cover this hole while you smoke then open it so you can draw in the vapors.

People have used bongs at herbtools for years. Other smoking mixes and cannabis have been used through the centuries. It seems to be a cool, enjoyable way to smoke with the water acting as a coolant, which makes the inhalation more enjoyable and less irritating to the airways. Research also indicates that you are able to reduce your inhalation of the smoke compounds said to cause cancer.


Info on Percolator Bongs
You have most likely seen these percolator bongs here and there, either at your stoner friends house or a local headshop. The shapes and styles of the percolator is endless and can bewilder you! The way they shape the glass is really impressive when you consider how fragile the material actually is. I've only ever bothered with glass percolator bongs as plastic is just cheap tack and not worth the time or money.

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